Sentence Correction
  • Learn 10 Core Frameworks (65 lesson videos; 448 minutes)
  • Watch 200+ video walk-throughs of OG and GMATPILL quesitons
  • 40+ Flashcard videos
  • Dozens of Mini-Drill

Before I would read through all the aswers and just get lost within the question and answer choices, but after doing your course I learned to immediately recognize the common mistakes and finish sentence correction problems in literally seconds.

 John Courtney (760)

Critical Reasoning
  • 10 core frameworks (568 minutes)
  • Learn visualization & mental diagram techniques
  • Detailed visualizations for 100+ questions
  • Eliminate non-relevant answer choices

The CR PILL visual diagram approach really changed everything for me.

 Reagan (720)

Reading Comprehension
  • Nobody teaches RC better!
  • 154 videos, 690 minutes of how to read efficiently
  • Focus on key transition words
  • Passage reading vs questions

I was about to give up on RC… and then I heard about GMAT Pill.  Jumped from 640 to 720.

 Vishal (720)

Data Sufficiency
  • 420+ minutes of step-by-step process analysis
  • 71 core videos + 59 application videos
  • Bonus: “Brutal Level” DS Flash Card Videos

DS is tricky, but with Zeke’s methodical approach, I now really get it. And results show.

 Rahul (Q50)

Problem Solving
  • 612 minutes, 75+ instructional videos and walkthroughs
  • Array of concepts including wordy word problems, sequences, geometry, angles and permutations
  • Power Pill Series
  • Video explanations to 250+ OG and GMAT PILL questions

PS PILL got me a 7pt quant score improvement from Q42 to Q49

 Aitor (Q49)

Integrated Reasoning
  • Two Part Analysis + IR Frameworks: 3 hours, 13 minutes
  • Graphics Interpretation: 2 hours, 49 minutes
  • Table Analysis: 1 hour, 43 minutes
  • Multi-source Reasoning 4 hours, 40 minutes
  • Practice Pill Platform with over 100 IR questions

Once you go through the IR PILL, the actual thing will be a breeze.

 Jessica (IR 8/8)

On Demand Video lession
Dedicated Support
Private Tutoring Experience
Practice Pill platform
5 Practice Test
Complete Mobile Solution
Official Guide Tracker + Videos
50 Pt Guarantee

1,300+ Video Lessons

Welcome to the modern world of online learning. GMAT Pill takes advantage of the internet to teach you speed techniques in real-time. These techniques are conveyed through videos – simulating the experience of facing a GMAT question 1-on-1 on test day.

Zeke goes through the question from start to finish and explains the twists and turns he takes to get to his final answer. Mastering these twists and turns is the key to unlocking GMAT Pill’s speed techniques.

Videos come in a series of playlists, organizing sets of videos so you can watch.


Dedicated Support

With over 10,000 queries answered, GMAT PILL provides multiple channels for expert support including email and community comments.

Students can ask questions below each video for greater clarity on concepts or for alternative approaches to solving a problem. The conversations between GMAT PILL and students is open for you to learn from – feel free to join the discussion.

Got a question on your study plan or about membership? Send us an email.


Private Tutoring Experience

The GMAT Pill experience is highly personal and consistent. Unlike prep at other companies where a different teacher is needed for different sections, everyone learns from Zeke Lee. The unique strategies that GMAT expert Zeke Lee uses for every section of the exam is conveyed to you via video screen capture, as if Zeke were sitting right next to you on exam day.

The private tutoring experience is extremely effective – after hearing hours and hours of Zeke’s voice, students go into exam day with his voice in their head. That level of assistance and comfort helps build confidence so that you can conquer on exam day.

“Every time I go through a question anywhere…

… it’s as if you’re walking me through that question. Now, THAT’s quite an effect to make!”



Practice Pill Platform

With over 1M responses recorded, the Practice Pill Platform is an open question bank with community discussion. The community contributions and support from GMAT Pill Staff along with Zeke’s video explanations make this an invaluable resource.

Track your responses and go over your incorrect responses at your own convenience. Membership grants you full access to the platform and video explanations – along with all section pills.



5 Online Practice Tests (CAT)

GMAT Pill’s Practice Test includes timing analytics to help you better pace yourself throughout the exam.

You have 5 attempts at the practice test – the goal is to hold yourself accountable to a higher score each time, helping to build confidence and solidify learnings from previous questions. What matters most on exam day is how you think and how fast you do it – take the opportunity in practice tests to showcase that mentality.


Complete Mobile Solution

Access course material anywhere, anytime. The GMAT Pill iPhone/Android app (GMATPractice) and iPad app (GMAT Pill HD) allow you to access the course video playlists without using a desktop computer. The iPhone/Android apps are synced to the Practice Pill Platform so you can bring your question bank with you anywhere you go.

Just search “gmat pill” on your mobile app/play store.

Students have found the mobile solution to be very convenient – especially busy working professionals who need to study on the go or just prefer using the iPad to study on the couch rather than study at a desktop computer. Either approach works.


Official Guide (OG) Tracker + VIDEO SOLUTIONS

Use the OG Tracker to track your performance on the OG and view our approach to OG questions.

We recommend using GMAT Pill to learn fundamental concepts and strategies; then applying that new thinking process to questions on our Practice Pill Platform and the OG. When working with the OG, use our timer and tracker to keep track of your responses and then join in the community discussion for each question.


50pt Guarantee

We’re so confident in our speed learning strategies that we’d like to offer the industry’s best guarantee of a 50 point increase from your baseline score (with a maximum baseline score of 680).

As long as you show demonstrated use of the course, then you will be eligible for your money back. Please see our guarantee page for more details.

Include Daily Emails

  • Choose between 1 Month and 2 Month Study Plans.
  • Tells you exactly what to do each day